September 21 – October 3,  2016

Thank you to those who are showing interest in participating in the Nuido Trip in Japan. Formerly known as the Japan Trip, the name of the trip has been changed to emphasize our purpose, which is to focus on the spirit of Nuido, the way of Japanese embroidery.
This time, we are teaching more classes than usual, which allows more opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of Kurenai-Kai, our main school in Japan. We hope to welcome a number of  participants from Australia and New Zealand, who are a lot closer in distance to Japan than to Atlanta.
In response to interest expressed by a number of people, we are now holding Phase X and Bead Class as well as Teachers Class and Advanced Class. Please see the details which follow:

Pre-requisite for the Trip

  • Phase X: Those who completed phases 1 through 9 and are accepted to enroll in the class. Please contact the JEC office to obtain necessary paper work.
  • Advanced Class and Teachers Class: Those who have previously attended Phase X class.
  • Bead Phase V: Those who completed bead phases 1 through 4
  • Bead Special Project: Bead phase 3 and above

Trip schedule (Subject to change)

  • September 20: Participants arrive in Japan
  • September 21-25 (5 days): Advanced Class/Phase X
  • September 26: Day off/stitching day
  • September 27-30 (4 days): Teachers Class
  • October 1-3 (3 days): Trip to Kyoto (overlaps with Bead Class)
  • October 1-3 (3 days): Bead Class 5/Special Project (optional and not included in trip fee)
  • October 4: Participants leave Japan

During this time, the participants will experience the following: Click here for previous trip photo gallery

  • Participate in Advanced Class and Teachers Class (or Phase X) at Kurenai-Kai in Togane, Chiba
  • Visit/observe professional workshop at Kurenai-Kai
  • Participate in various events at Kurenai-Kai
  • Visit city of Kyoto and workshops of Japanese traditional artists (ex. dyer, weaver, tie-dye artist, etc)

Advanced Class

The class will feature the Peacock. Since the Peacock Class at JEC is now reaching maximum capacity, we hope to provide an additional venue. The original embroidery of Peacock (double-width size) will be in the classroom for the participants to see, which will be a rare and privileged experience.
Pre-requisite: Phase X

WKB08-005 Peacock (Uchikake Fabric) (Available from 2016 Advanced Class)

Phase X

Because of the numerous request from all over the world, we are now considering offering Phase X Class, depending on the number of participants. If you are interested, please contact JEC to obtain application forms. Please know that the participants need to complete their phases 1 through 9 before being accepted into the class.
Phase X and Advanced Class will be held on the same day in different classrooms.

Teachers Class

The theme of the class will be Genjiko, our new phase 4, the repeat of the Teachers Class 2015 held at JEC. Again, this is to allow additional students a chance to take the class.

0420 Genjiko

Bead Class

Reiko Matsukawa will be teaching the class along with other professionals. This will be another rare and special opportunity. We look forward to having you join this unique, international group!

Nuido Study Tour in Kyoto

The trip will be concluded in Kyoto, the most historical city in Japan. We will provide a special tour to visit Japanese artisans which cannot be accessed by the general public. I am sorry that the trip to Kyoto will overlap with Bead Class.
The information is subject to change. The most updated information can be seen on the JEC website.
Thank you for your support and interest. We look forward to working with all of you!

Payment for the Trip

The total cost of the trip is $3,950 US. The fee includes the followings:

  • Tuition for two classes (Advanced Class (or Phase X) and Teachers Class)
  • Hotel accommodation in Chiba and Kyoto
  • Most of transportation within Japan
  • Most meals
  • Tickets to exhibits/attractions

It does NOT include:

  • Airfare
  • Embroidery materials (silk fabric, threads, etc.) for the class
  • Bead Class tuition, if you decide to choose this option instead of going on trip to Kyoto

Registration and Deposit for the Trip

You will be able to register on the JEC website. Please register with a non-refundable deposit of $300.00 USD. PLEASE REMEMBER that this trip is on a first come, first serve basis. When the number of participants reaches the maximum, the registration will be closed. The rest of the payment, $3,650.00, will be charged to your credit card in July 2016. Please make sure that the expiration date of the credit card on your registration form is after July 2016.


  • Taking only 1 class (instead of 2): $700 deduction
  • Taking bead Class (3 days): $300 additional

Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance to you. We look forward to hearing from you all!