Please refer below chart for the tuition of different classes. Please know that it is required to be JEC member in order to register for all JEC classes.

Class time is 10:00 am – 3:30 pm with one hour lunch break in between.


Class days (annual)
New Students Class$40.00/day
All Phases Class$40.00/day
Phase X Class5$250.00 flat fee
Teachers Class4$200.00 flat fee (Optional stitching day +$50)
Advanced Class4$200.00 flat fee (If 5 day-course, +$50)
Bead Class$50.00/day
Young Students Class4$90.00 refundable deposit (P)
Open Class4Free

(P) – Pending return of loaned materials.

$550.00 Club:
Normal tuition at All Phases Class is $40.00 per class per day (10:00 – 3:30). Students may wish to take advantage of a special option of paying an annual tuition of $550.00. There are approximately thirty-five All Phases Class days per year. If you attend fourteen class days and pay the normal daily tuition, that is already $560.00. With $550.00 yearly tuition, students may attend all thirty-five class days and their tuition is still $550.00. If you are member of $550.00 club, then the additional tuition for some special classes, such as Teachers Class, Phase X Class, Bead Class, Gold Leaf Class, etc., which have fixed fees, will be between $70.00 and $150.00 flat rate fee. To apply, please click here and download forms. or please email us for more information about our 550 Club.