Japanese Embroidery Center » 2014 Teachers Class Atlanta USA

We would like to welcome those who have previously taken Phase X to our Teachers Class. There are three themes to the class this time as below: 1. Introducing New Phase 2 Celebratory Dancing JEC has come up with a new Noshi design, Celebratory Dancing, for our new Phase 2 after many teachers and students had requested a new design. The special dye is incorporated inside each strip of Noshi, which provides a “complete“ look and rich taste. We hope the teachers will tackle this new phase 2 design in the class as a sample, using their current training and polished skill for their own students! 0105 Bouquet from the Heart of Japan Design dimensions: L10" x W12" Recommended fabric: Habutae - Dyed - With Color Fabric length: 15" 0203 Suehiro Design dimensions: L8" x W10" Recommended fabric: Kimono - White - With Color Recommended fabric length: 15" 0210 Celebratory Dance With Color Design dimensions: L11" x W11" Recommended fabric: Kimono - White - With Color Recommended fabric length:15" Click on the title above to see the kit details on JEC Store 2. Introducing pieces for Taste of JE JEC has been striving to spread Japanese embroidery to as many people as possible all over the world. We have created four different simple and “doable” designs to recruit many students. Tonie Evans shares her experience in this journal (see pages 11-13). We hope new students will get to “taste” the joy of JE. 3. Introducing Teaching Tips and Essence We each have different experiences teaching Japanese embroidery to our students. In the class, we will provide teaching tips and share the essence. The examples are as follows: Color scheme: How and why are certain colors are chosen for each design? How can we choose colors appropriately? Twisting: What is regular, soft, or tight twist? How do we use them for foundation, flower, tree, etc? Right and left diagonals: How can we understand and teach the theory more clearly for our students? Koma work: What is the best way to use koma to achieve shine on gold/silver and sharp corners? Embroidery theory: What are the reasons certain rules are provided for JE? For example, why do we keep the right hand on top and left hand below the frame? We also welcome any questions/topics from the participants for discussion and demonstration, so that we may address your problems by the time you leave the class! Stitching piece options Here are the options of embroidery pieces you may select for the class: Option 1: New Phase 2 Celebratory Dancing (Noshi) with color You may also select other basic phase pieces such as Phase 1 Bouquet from the Heart of Japan with color, Phase 2 Suehiro with color. Option 2: Fractal Project You may start new pieces or bring your pieces in progress. Option 3: Project in progress from last year’s Teachers Class You may bring poem paper of fan designs which you began in Teachers Class 2013 (last year). In order for the teachers to concentrate on teaching in the class, any other pieces are not permitted in the class. We appreciate your understanding.