Japanese Embroidery Center » Advanced Class 2014 (March 3-6)

During Advanced Class 2014, we proposed the refined design of "Playing with Scrolls with Color" which can be referred to "Japanese Embroidery the World of Kurenai-kai" on page 64. For the fabric, we have Nishijin - Special Gold (femine gold) with touch of pink. Other option will be working on the Fractal Project or other design one wish to bring. We are trying to reach higher dimension through applying color (dye) on fabric. The theme for this year is to create dimension and movement by the combination of color (dye) and technique. Also, one of the important theme during the class was "color" and "symbolism." For traditional Yusoku designs such as "Playing with Scrolls" requires some inspiration from history, references, and instructors. So we talked about it during the morning talk and had quite active discussions. Hiroshi Saito, head of the design department from Kurenai-kai also joined us and gave some tips regarding color and symbolism. Indeed, the class was filled with fulfillment and adventures.