Japanese Embroidery Center » 2012 Teachers Class

Cultivating Color Sense for Each Season During this teachers class, we are planning to prepare several different designs that represent each of the four seasons. The participants will select their preferred design, and spend time under Mr. Shuji Tamura’s supervision and select the color schemes which are suitable for each season. It has been interesting to see how surprising it is for many students to listen to the meanings and feelings of each color. For example: how are greens used in spring and autumn, and why are they very different? What are male colors and female colors? What is the appropriate pink used for plum and cherry, and why? etc. Each design contains a spiritual meaning behind it, and as always, we do not only focus on creating beautiful pieces but how to cultivate our souls in the process of creation. That is, we often encounter many feelings such as fear, laziness, frustration, pride, etc during this process. However, it is our challenge to overcome those feelings and, that our improved hearts will surely be revealed in our works which then touch other people’s hearts (Spirituality). We hope to challenge ourselves in the new world, thereby deepening our path to Nuido.