Japanese Embroidery Center » Japan Trip 2012

Japan Trip 2012 is a special event which is held every other year. We are very happy to be able to hold this event again despite of the recent trial Japan had to face. We are very happy to be able to meet many participants who are willing to participate in this meaningful event! The classes offered during the trip will be Phase X and Teachers Class only. Therefore, it is open for those who are accepted for Phase X class this time and the Teachers and Advanced stitchers who previously attended Phase X classes. They visited city of Kyoto and workshops of Japanese traditional artists (ex. dyer, weaver, tie-dye artist, etc), various places in Tokyo, participated in Phase X/Teachers Class in Kurenai-Kai in Togane, Chiba, visited/observed professional workshop in Kurenai-Kai, and various events in Kurenai-Kai such as Tea ceremony.