Japanese Embroidery Center » 2018 Advanced Class (Mar 5 - 9)

The 2018 advanced class theme is focusing on the landscape of Japan. There are so many scenery that have been loved and cherished for thousands of years such as Sacred Mount Fuji at Shizuoka/Yamanashi Prefecture and Gold Pavilion Temple at Kyoto. Also, some of landmarks are used for the symbol of hope. In one of the design “Heart like the Moon”, there’s ‘miracle pine’ located at Iwate prefecture that survived the tsunami driven by great earthquake occurred in 2011 in Japan. It has immortalized as a monument to the victims of the disaster. There are thousands of survivors who lost their families and have no strength to live. But this symbol of rare survivor is keep encouraging them beyond words. It is indeed a heart of hidden virtue like the moon that shines light silently on the darkness of this world of suffering. For those who live within a bustles of big cities, strolling in the bamboo forest will give you a completely different moment as “Heart like the Wind”. The time and place is filled with existence of nature that derives opportunities for deepening one’s life in place like Houkoku temple located at Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture. We realize the scent of dirt which we have forgotten, walk under the sunlight filtering through leaves, and sometimes meditate under the grove of bamboos… As you become more conscious about it, spending time within the light and wind of bamboo forest will certainly brings something that is precious. It is invigorating like the wind which awaken within myself and others earnest wishes that go beyond self-will.