Japanese Embroidery Center » 2017 Advanced Class - Phoenix

Phoenix by Ito Jakuchu for 2017 Advanced Class (Atlanta) This year’s Advanced Classes provided the great opportunity to experience the stitching of the White Phoenix by Ito Jakuchu. The theme is inspired by Ito Jakuchu and this class is long-waited for many stitchers just as the peacock. This design is shown on cover of Summer 2016 Nuido Journal and on publication of, The Nuido World Collection Vol II on page 98 – 99. This class will be held at JEC, Atlanta (March 6 -10, 2017) Ito Jakuchu (1716 – 1800), creator of the White Peacock, was an amazing artist whose life and work fits extremely well with the concepts of Nuido. His life was based upon the earnest wish for technical mastery of his art, sensitivity and spirituality. The Peacock and Phoenix are two scrolls in a group of 30 that became his masterwork, called the Colorful Realm. Over a period of approximately ten years, he painted nature with great technical skill, and his own personal style and spirit. For the year 2017, we will have the challenge of taking on the White Phoenix design, which officially forms a pair with the Peacock. It is wonderful, just as is the Peacock, but different. The Peacock is quiet, the Phoenix is full of energy. Both birds are considered holy birds in Japan. The mythical phoenix was associated with eras of benevolent rule. We also would like to welcome the stitchers who have already taken the Peacock class or would like to take it for the first time. We will prepare a new session to polish the skills you already learned, and work on the surrounding areas such as flowers, and pine tree. Another highlight for this class is Jakuchu’s Reverse Coloring (Urazaishiki). By applying paint to the backside of the artwork, he accomplished complex expressions using limited pigment he could get in that era. We applied this effect using dye (on front side) and further deepening his expression using silk and metallic threads. The image contains the new coloring effect on bird area. Please contact us or visit our website for more details. We will be waiting for your participation! https://japaneseembroidery.com/advanced-class/